About Us

American Edge is a HUB Zone, Woman Owned and operated Small Business.  We have served the aerospace industry for over 30 years.


Our competent staff will strive to help you compete globally using our products and services.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you in the development and fabrication of specially engineered products that will assist you in meeting the demanding criteria of today's marketplace.


QUALITY - SERVICE - INTEGRITY:  these are not just words that decorate a logo; they represent the demand we place on ourselves as a workplace initiative and lifestyle.

We stock many NAS, NASM, and MS Warning Streamers & Flags; most commonly the NAS1756 and NAS1091 and MS51700 in all sizes.  The finished assemblies are made to order to ensure fresh stock is being sold to you.





Precision stitching is required in the fabrication

of this item.  Each unit contains special weights,

fabricated in house, and carefully sewn into place  according to the specifications.