For over 30 years, American Edge has been designing and fabricating quality Warning Streamers & Flags, Textile Containers, Strap Assy's., Slings, and a variety of Specialty Graphic and fire retardant Textile Products that are used in pre-flight

testing, maintenance, and safety procedures. 


We support, ground forces, aerospace, aircraft, marine, pre-flight, flight line, airborne, and maintenance operations.


We proudly display the "MADE in USA" mark to our outgoing shipments.


Products include but are not limited to items on this short list:  GS549, G-4771, K17S0002, MS51700, NAS1089, NAS1091, NAS1756, S4826631, ST9M405, ST2312, ST1740, UT6911, 55C598, 67B45301, 67D34391, 80-105105, 824558, 825878. 

See samples on the following pages.


American Edge maintains compliance with ISO-9001 and MIL-I-45208 in an ongoing effort to ensure the reliability and traceability of our products and services year after year.


"I maintain a personal commitment to excellence, and I am confident that you will enjoy doing business with us.  We work hard to service the specific needs of our clients.  It is a form of partnership, and I want it to be a win / win experience. 

Thank you for your patronage."  Karen Odle, CEO



Based on our SERVICE, QUALITY, and INTEGRITY, we strive

to become your FAVORITE SUPPLIER.

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